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Mr. P.M. Ramesh

Ramesh is a proven strategic leader with record of building business across boundaries of categories. Having Work experience with leading multinational companies like Procter & Gamble, Smith Kline Beecham & Henkel in India and Colgate Palmolive Brands abroad in progressive leadership positions and subsequently transiting to engineering, through an entrepreneurial organization grounds up , makes him an agile and out-of-the-box thinking leader.

He has extensively worked in all the regions of the country and internationally in Middle-east, South-east Asia, East Africa and Afghanistan.

Before taking over "GKG", Ramesh was the Director and CEO of a major Consulting company where he has distinction of building business, procuring, directing and coordinating some of the country’s most prestigious engineering consultancy assignments in ports, railway logistics, urban planning & construction management from scratch, under PPP (Public Private Partnership). For more details on his projects, visit: P.M. Ramesh's Linkedin profile.