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Mrs. Sreelakshmi Haridas

Advisor :- Green Building

Sreelakshmi works on pushing the boundaries of expression to design aesthetically pleasing green buildings, with environmental sustainability being the ultimate goal. Her idea of a green building is one that minimizes negative impact on climate and the natural environment and uses nature's elements to bring about positive change in everyday living. Passive architecture in her forte-blending biophilic architectural concepts with renewable energy, as well as the inherent properties of building materials, to improve indoor air quality, water efficiency and energy efficiency . She also formulates zero waste and met zero energy strategies to capitalize on recyclable and renewable energy recourses. adding to the 'green' factor and sustainability of the building, she has successfully delivered projects by adapting modern trends to create climate and eco-friendly designs and habitable urban spaces. Founder, ATMEN RF at Indian Institute of Sustainable Devt IGBC AP | GRIHA CP | LEED GA | GEM CP